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Isn’t it crazy how you look back on a year and realize how much has changed in those past 365 days?

Some of you might well remember my last blog post from 2017, I’m kissing 2017 goodbye, a very personal and reflective letter to my 2017 me and to the person who I wanted to be in 2018. Since then, countless unexpected things have happened, a lot has changed (mostly in a positive way) and I haven’t written a single blog post. I therefore have decided that the best way to step into the new year and at the same time revive MissTravelTheWorld would be to publish another personal and reflective post which takes up the themes I wrote about a year ago.

2018 – a year full of magnificent changes & travels

It’s funny to read that my only New Year’s Resolution for 2018 was »I want to be happy«.  I can proudly say I lived my only resolution to the fullest and 2018 was full of magnificent transformations, just like I predicted it when I wrote »maybe the next few months will be a period of magnificent transformations« – in my private life, as well as in my professional life. I am one step closer to living the location-independent working life I’ve always dreamed of. I can pretty much freely choose when or from where I want to work – yes, I could even work from the beach if I wanted to.

I traveled to the United Kingdom several times this year, walked in the footsteps of Romeo and Juliet in Verona, admired the stunning landscape of Cappadocia from a hot air balloon during sunrise, got lost in the souks of Istanbul and marvelled at King Ludwig II.’s infamous Neuschwanstein Castle. On top of that, I was given the unique opportunity of going on two adventurous press trips to Abruzzo and Crete to write articles for one of my favorite German travel blogs, Bravebird.

Step 1 to happiness: Accept that you’re not crazy

»Are you crazy? You’re not gonna be able to achieve that!« or »Why would you do something like that? Why don’t you get yourself a secure 9 to 5 office job and make a decent career?« Negatively charged sentences like these were the reasons that were holding me back until the middle of 2018. Try not to listen too much to people who don’t believe in you and your dreams. Yes, they might just want the best for you, but sometimes you just need to do what YOU want, not how others would like to see you living your life.

Most people will tell you it’s more important to make a career, earn a lot of money, own a big house, drive a nice car and wear an expensive watch. Please don’t get me wrong here – I do not want to imply that this lifestyle is bad, not at all. I would simply like to point out that some of those people cannot understand that there are other people on this planet who do not want to follow this exact same path and chose to live an alternative way of life instead. People, who attach greater value to living their lives just as they want. EVERYDAY. Freedom-loving people who don’t want to give up their lives to work overtime without seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. To me personally, time is a lot more valuable and precious than money.

Step 2: Stop giving a f*** and surround yourself with like-minded people

Then something suddenly changed. I STOPPED listening to them. It was MY LIFE, MY DREAMS, MY GOALS. And within only a week or so, new exciting chances and opportunities came flying towards me, as if I was attracting them without even trying. It’s a little spooky if you think about it, but I truly do believe that the right mindset helps immensely.

Surround yourself with people who support you, the ones who believe in you and your dreams, no matter how crazy or unreachable they may sound.

Expect the unexpected. Always.

To be honest, I personally don’t like this phrase a lot because it is so commonly used but I kind of do think that »everything happens for a reason«. You might not believe in this right now, especially not while you are going through hard times, but I can proudly say that it all made sense afterwards. The things we are hoping for will come to us in the most unexpected moments.