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A D V E R T I S E M E N T | When I travel, I always want to get off the beaten path and really connect with a destination and its locals – luckily I found Mallorca Urban Adventures! I decided to book the Let’s Make Hierbas tour where you can create your own bottle of hierbas, a typical Majorcan liqueur made with anise and various other local herbs.

Becoming an herb witch in Esporles

First of all: I spent an amazing day with our warm and friendly hosts Marialaura and Damià and only three other guests at the hierbas tour! We met Marialaura in front of Café La Parada in Palma and took the bus to her home in Esporles, a pretty Majorcan village at the bottom of the mountain range Serra de Tramuntana. We walked around on the fields of Esporles and collected wild herbs like fennel, pine leaves, olive leaves and carob leaves (which, to my surprise, taste like chocolate). We also got to taste fresh figs right from the tree – yummy! It was an incredibly hot and humid day, but Marialaura thought of everything, offered us fresh water and brought small fans with her.

Collecting wild fennel in the fields of Esporles.

Having collected all the wild herbs we needed for our hierbas, we walked to Marialaura’s and Damià’s home to collect some domestic herbs like rosemary, bay leaves, sage, lemon grass, chamomile, (lemon) thyme and orange leaves in their beautiful patio.


We sat down in their beautiful garden surrounded by the spectacular Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and tasted dry, mixed and sweet hierbas with some local snacks like green olives and bread crackers with olive oil. Meanwhile, Marialaura told us interesting historic facts about the traditional drink. Monks living on the Balearic Isands were already cultivating wild herbs and alcohol for medical use a long time ago.

Dry, sweet and mixed hierbas.

Making my own bottle of hierbas

Now it is our turn to create our own bottles of hierbas with our favorite herbs. I add some pine leaves, wild fennel, orange leaves, lemon thyme, lemon grass and a few carob leaves for a light taste of chocolate to my bottle. Unfortunately, hierbas takes three to four months to ferment, so I guess I will open mine at Christmas, thinking back of a great summer day with amazing people on the island of Majorca!

Before putting the herbs into our bottles, we sort them and wash them in warm water.

Our wonderful host Marialaura.

Once we have filled the bottles with our favorite herbs, we add the liqueur.

Voilà: My personal bottle of hierbas!


At the end of our tour Marialaura and Damià served us a delicious merienda – a light snack typical of Majorca.  Together with a glass of Canet white wine, we tasted Pa amb oli (roasted bread with olive oil, salt and tomate de ramallet) and added some local Mahón cheese, Camaiot and Sobrasada on top.

Best. Day. Ever.

To sum it up, the tour and our hosts were amazing – it simply felt more like a great day with good friends! Thank you so much Marialaura and Damià for this unique and very personal experience and for showing us what it is like to be a local in Majorca!

If you are traveling to Majorca in the near future, you should definitely meet this lovely couple in person and let them show you the other side of Mallorca! If you’re not into liqueur, Mallorca Urban Adventures also offers various other interesting tours like Tapas Nights in Palma, Making Paella, hikes in the beautiful Serra de Tramuntana and many more.