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Staggering Bavarians who whisper incomprehensible words into my ear, Italians who want to marry me immediately, Australians who mix up Oktoberfest with the Cologne carnival and 16-year-olds who order their sixth beer and almost puke into my stein. I definitely have had enough of Oktoberfest – at least for this year! But Oktoberfest would somehow not be the same without these people.  Here are 13 more things that make Oktoberfest so “unique” in my opinion:

1. The nostalgic wheat beer carousel

2. People who seem to be lost and do not realize what is going on around them

This confused gentleman still seems to hope that his business lunch date will appear somewhere in the crowd.

3. Neverending “Prosits der Gemütlichkeit”

“Oans, zwoa – gsuffa!” Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit is the most played Oktoberfest song ever. Each time the band plays this song, the whole tent drinks to it and the host makes around 3000 Euros.

4. True Bavarians who take it way too seriously

Why do so many tourists think that Bavarians are all grumpy? They are actually very gentle, they just take their culture and traditions very seriously!

5. The 1 liter mug that impresses every tourist

Each year, visitors try to smuggle over 100,000 of the popular 1 liter beer mugs away from the festival site. After all, these beer mugs are extremely inconspicious and perfectly sized for every clutch bag.

6. Crazy rides that make you reconsider your lunch

Unfortunately, most people start thinking about their lunch when they’re up in the air.

7. Gingerbread hearts labelled with slogans for every occasion

“Für meinen Tiger”, “I mog di”, “Oui”, “Heul doch!” or “Mein Mäusebärchen” – gingerbread stands always have the right slogans for every situation.

8.  Brass bands passionately playing Robbie Williams’ “Angels”

The whole tent is filled with strangers from all over the world, just like a huge hostel. And Robbie brings them all together – when the brass band plays Angels, everyone lies in each other’s arms, happily singing the song together. A further step towards world peace.

9. Pretzels. They’re huuuge.

Undoubtedly bigger than your head.

10. Dead drunks at every corner

Mostly, the dead drunks are situated around the infamous “Kotzhügel” (puke hill) nearby the Bavaria statue. Those who don’t make it to the hill just rest wherever they can find a free spot.

11. Friends from all over the world who suddenly wanna visit because you live in Munich

You will suddenly become extremely popular when your Facebook friends from all over the world realize they know someone living in Munich. But hey, I am always looking forward to your visit – as long as you don’t empty your stomach contents on my parquet floor!

12. Dirndl and the mystery of the ribbon

Mystery solved, pay some attention: When the ribbon is tied on the left, the girl is still single, when the ribbon is tied on the right side of the Dirndl, she is taken or married.

13. Tourists wearing weird hats

A phenomenon that remains popular throughout the years: strange headwear that is especially  popular among tourists. The quirkiest hat I’ve seen this year: a chicken that is twitching its legs. 

What is “typically Oktoberfest” to you or what did you think was especially weird? I would love to hear your thoughts!